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Small Business Branding

It's not just a logo. It's an entire strategy that consistently conveys what your business does and what experience your business provides.

Define your customer

Most small business start with an idea, a product, or a service and go through the motions. Part of establishing your brand as a small business is to evaluate who your ideal customer is. If you know who your customers are or who you want them to be then you have the clearest understanding of how to get more customers. Advertising and other marketing avenues without this key knowledge is shooting in the dark.

Mission statement

Why? Why do you put in countless hours working on your small business. What’s the passion behind the product or service? Who are you serving and why? Obviously a nice paycheck helps but this is something you believe in for a reason. Your mission statement is the purpose for which your business exists. Defining a mission statement goes hand in hand with defining your customer.

Competition analysis

Chances are you aren’t the only small business performing this service or developing your product. There are some things they do better, worse, or on par with you. An important part of branding is setting yourself apart from the local competition. Is your customer service on point? Do you offer guarantees nobody else does?


You know your customer. You have a logo. You have a mission statement. You know your competition. Now how do you get the word out that you’re the best? Marketing. Word of mouth, testimonials, advertising on search engines, social media, and local arenas like billboards are the next step and they all work.

What I can do for you

Customer Analysis

Through a series of engaging questions, together, we can define exactly who your customers are or who you want them to be.

Logo and Tagline Creation

Together we use the other information we discover to design a logo and tagline to engage that ideal customer.

Mission Definition

We work to define the real mission behind your small business motives. Establishing this mission is paramount in providing your true value to your customer.

Competition Analysis

We'll look at the local market and your direct competitors to see what sets you and your small business apart from the rest... and capitalize on it.


After we've gone through the entire discovery process we can work to establish the correct avenues for marketing and use targeted advertising techniques to get a better return on investment.

Process Walkthrough

I'll be with your through every step of the way

let's build YOUR brand

We'll work together to establish your small business in local markets and we'll do it right, the first time.