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Search Engine Optimization

SEO. You've heard about it and it's really important. It means we take keywords relevant to your industry and leverage them in content and html for your local business. This can tie very closely to content writing where we create content that is both useful to customers as well as relevant to your industry. Ultimately, the proper application of relevant keywords is what makes you visible on search engines like Google.

Keyword Discovery

When it comes to your business, nobody knows it better than you. We’ll analyze search volume and relevancy to your business and use these words as a jumping off point for the rest of the process. Together we’ll figure out how to utilize the words centered around your industry to draw in users through these keywords. 

SEO Application

Website headings, content, and links (inbound and outbound) make up the “application of SEO”. Once keywords and competitors are research thoroughly we’ll design web pages and content to capitalize on our research.

Content Writing

As a small business owner myself, I understand that it’s hard to find time to work on a website or write content for it. Luckily it IS my business which means I can do that for you while you work on taking care of clients and customers while I write content centered around your keywords. Regular content posts keep you relevant, fresh, and gives your customers more to look at than your normal business pages.

What I can do for you

Keyword Discovery

You might not be aware of this, but you probably already know a lot of your keywords. How an owner looks for their business is very different than that of a potential customer. I'll help you discover how people search for your business and we'll define keywords to target.

Competitor Research

I'll look at some of your fiercest competitors, and their search rankings, to find out what they're doing right and how we can do it better.

Application of SEO

Once Keyword Discover and Competitor Research is complete we'll discuss and apply this knowledge to your website in strategic locations to capitalize on how search engines find your business.

Content Creation

I can generate content related to your business, centered around your major keywords, to make you more relevant for users. If your content is updated and relevant you're seen as a more valuable asset for search engines to move up in rankings.

let's Get You Discovered

Even if you have an already established web site I can help shape your search result potential and grow your business.