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WEb Design

For many a website is the first impression your small business has on potential customers. The real value comes through in efficient and responsive design making your site available on all devices. In the content below I'll outline my design process and we can go from there.

Web Design Overview

Often times your website is the first impression for your customers/clients. As roughly 60% of Internet users are browsing on mobile/smart devices. Having a responsive website (this means the website displays properly on all devices) is paramount. I focus on this first.

Establish Branding

We’ve established your brand right? If not please take a look at branding for small businesses. This ties closely with your online representation and it’s important to get this right. If you already had an established brand then we’ll work together to continue that brand throughout the web design.

Define Website Goals

Establishing the goals of your website are important for the design. Are you trying to inform? Capture leads? Sell? All of them. Some of them? We’ll figure out what works best for you and how to capitalize on your message.

Design Iterations

I might hit it out of the park the first time. That actually happens. It happens more when we work together and keep the communication lines open. If something is off or you don’t like something then it’ll get reworked as part of the project cost until final acceptance by you and the site goes live.

What I can do for you


After the initial consultation we'll put together a plan, I'll layout the entire process and hopefully answer any questions you have before you have them.


I'll walk you through common web design standards for your local business market and define some things that'll help you stand out versus your local competitors.


We'll incorporate your current branding with the web design to make it a cohesive message. Otherwise please check out my local business branding services.

Website Goals

Together we'll define your goals that'll best suit your type of business and maybe expand upon some you might not have thought important previously.

Design Iterations

I'm with you for the long haul, if the colors aren't right or the layout makes you want to look away... we'll get to "great" together. My goal is to not only make you happy but to make you brag.

let's build Your Website

We'll work together to establish your small business web design for local markets and we'll make something you can brag about.